Yes I Am A Long Way From Home

Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.– philip k. dick

I have so many things to do, I should get back to work, but all i really want to do is keep listening to mogwai, and pay attention to the world.


Our Last Day As Children

Jacques Derrida in his last interview (with jean birnbaum of le monde) describes a crisis i face nearly daily, myself:

I am at war with myself, it’s true, you couldn’t possibly know to what extent … i know that it is what keeps me alive, and makes me ask precisely … “how does one learn to live?”

We really have nothing to say to each other

Len: Do you believe in God?
Mark: What?
Len: Do you believe in God?
Mark: Who?
Len: God
Mark: God?
Len: Do you believe in God?
Mark: Do i believe in God?
Len: Yes
Mark: Would you say that again?

Harold Pinter on Existentialism